Make a Donation

Montreal Mynix Athletic Club (MMAC) is a totally non-profit organization. All the directors and staff are volunteers. Our main objective is to preserve and promote our Asian heritage and bonding with other fellow communities throughout North America through the sport of basketball for our young.

Needless to say it is not easy to sustain such an organization without adequate funding and manpower. Our main source of income is through membership fees, donations of equipment and periodical fund-raising activities.

We are proud to say that from a handful of members in 2002, we now have more than 60 regular members with all ages in our club. Every one of us work tirelessly to encourage our 2nd, 3rd generation of kids, from all walks of life, to participate in our club’s activities such as competing in different tournaments, games, events, etc.

We are constantly looking for volunteers, parents participations and most importantly Sponsors and Contributors both in funds or in kind.

We firmly believe this is a truly worthy cause and your generous contributions will not go unanswered. We urge you to give generously.

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- MMAC Management