2nd Annual Mynix Open Badminton Tournament

29th April 2017

Are you ready for competition?

Currently in our second year, the Mynix Open this year will again be a non-ranked open badminton tournament featuring players across age and skill groups. You will have another opportunity to face off against skilled badminton players that are not traditionally encountered on the typical tournament circuit. And to top it off, we will have a curated awards pool with a total value of 1500$ for the winners of the tournament. Are you ready to play?

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First Place in our "A" Division: Malépart Élite (Team Captain: Nam Vo-Lê, Team Members: Herbert Nguyen, Nicholas Racette, Usman Safdar, Marina Nguyen and Seema Patel)

"A" Runner-ups: The Net Boomers (Team Captain: Mathieu Bernier, Team Members: Francis Déragon-Jean, Pierre-Paul Lepage, Marc-Antoine Labarre, Mireille Denis and Janie Groulx)

First Place in our "B" Division: Les fleurs du jardin (Team Captain: Touvoly Ballo, Team Members: Maxime Tetreault, Fitzgerald Zamor, Andrea Cesta, Jacynthe Ouellette and Anne-Sophie Leclerc)

"B" Runner-ups: Power Knights (Team Captain: Vong Kim, Team Members: Steven Couillard, Fabien Morcamp, Fensky Fortunat, Melissande Houssart and Laurie Cartier)

First Place in our "C" Division: Better Than Yours (Team Captain: Hank Zhang, Team Members: Cory Yan, Henry Wang, Rahimuz Zaman, Kristy Zhang and Kim Phan)


Date: April 29th, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM
Cégep du Vieux Montréal
255 Rue Ontario E
Montréal (Québec) H2X 1X6

Feel free to contact us for more information and updates
mynixopen@mmacsports.com | Facebook Event Page | Facebook Page


Required Documents & Fees:
Please ensure that names and emails provided are identical in all forms

Please note that each team member must submit a Liability Waiver Form individually while registration is done in a Team. We will only maintain contact with your TEAM CAPTAIN. Hence the individual who provides their email will assume the responsibilities of Captain. It is their duty to send out any and all information pertaining to the tournament to their individual teams and team members.

Payment information

  • The team fee must be submitted before the registration deadline.
  • There will be no refunds after registration deadline. A penalty of 50% of the fee for refunds before the deadline.
  • Online payments through PayPal or e-transfers are subjected to a 5% transaction fee ($10.00). Therefore, the total payment should be $220.00 Payments should be sent to tonywang140@gmail.com.
  • No fee refunds due to missing liabilities forms
  • To ensure tournament quality, we may reject teams to maintain a playable tournament structure. Rejections will only be carried out on the teams that are latest to register. In this case if fees were submitted, refunds will be issued.
  • Registration Deadline is April 23rd, 2017 11:59PM EST

    Tournament Rules and Regulations

    This year we offer the following categories of play: Men's Singles, Men's Doubles 1, Men's Doubles 2, Women's Doubles, Mixed Doubles 1 and Mixed Doubles 2.

    The tournament will be team eliminiation. Every team will first play two random matchup to determine their ranking before heading into two seperate elimination ladders. Half of the teams with the highest accumulated points after the first two matchups will play in our grand prize elimination ladder, whereas the the other half of teams with lower accumulated points will play the consolation elimination ladder.

    Games will get tough and regular, testing stamina of your players will be tested. And while we leave the strategy of player assignments up to the individual teams, we do wish, and highly recommend, that players are all well represented at the tournament. Meaning that every player gets the chance to play! So choose your assignments carefully. With that said, every player should get a minimum of 3 games if every player is well represented. Note that our tournament does not require that players remain a player of a certain category throughout the tournament. A team may change players in any of their categories. Throughout the tournament, we will only report "Team A, MD1 vs Team 2 MD2", etc. Hence player information is never disclosed. Again, consider your strategy carefully!

    The tournament and respective judges will do the utmost to enforce the official guidelines listed in the BWF Handbook. However specifically for the tournament there are some other considerations:

    • All players must arrive in the morning, at a predetermined time, to check-in so that we may verify the presence of players at the competition
    • A match can be called 30 minute in advance, all players must report to court in 5 minutes after the game has been called. If the individual does not arrive, they will default (lose) the match.
    • Players are allowed 2 minute warm up prior to the beginning of the match. The warmup can be conducted in any manner that the players wish.
    There will be a prize for 1st place, and a prize for first in consolation round.

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