About the Montreal Mynix Athletic Club

Montreal Mynix Athletic Club (MMAC) is a non-profit organization loosely founded in the early 1980’s. At the time it was simply a few die-hard basketball enthusiasts who decided to form a team in order to participate in some of the games being hosted by other Chinese communities’ sports clubs in Canada and the US.

MMAC was officially incorporated in August 2002. Its sole purpose is to encourage culture preservation of its city’s Asian community through sports. More specifically its aim is to develop young Chinese basketball players of all ages and sexes in order to compete nationally and internationally. Its membership has grown from some fifteen members to more than sixty to-date. All the directors, coaches and staff members are volunteers.

MMAC maintains excellent relations with other Chinese-Canadian basketball clubs throughout Canada. Moreover it is also an active supporter & participant in the North American Chinese Basketball Association’s annual invitational tournament (NACBAIT or www.nacbait.com ) which has a membership of more than 70 teams from across the US and Canada. MMAC had the honor in hosting the 24th NACBA tournament in Montreal in 2004 which attracted more than 55 teams from the States, Canada and even a team from China.

For the past several years it has been the host of its own regional All-Asian Naismith Tournament. Many teams from both Canada and the US have been coming to this annual event. MMAC is a true believer in the development of young Chinese basketball talents and is committed to make Chinese-Canadian basketball players a strong contender on the national and international scene.