Executive Members

  • Hank Zhang - Webmaster

    Hank is a McGill student who loves badminton and coding.
    As the Webmaster, he is in charge of the website updates and
    fixes the bugs. He has played badminton competitively for
    over 5 years and is a member of the McGill varsity team.
  • Cory Yan - Outreach and PR
    Coordinator for Mynix Badminton

    “My job is to bring in customers with money and make sure that
    they are satisfied with their physical enjoyment so they would
    come back again or bring friends to share in the euphoria.”
    Cory loves humor as much as working at MMAC.
  • Michelle Brais – PR and Assistant
    Coordinator and PR for
    Mynix Badminton

    Michelle is an assistant coordinator of the MMAC badminton
    club. She has been a badminton player since the age of 15 and
    has been participating in the Mynix Open organizational team
    since 2016. She is highly enthusiastic about healthy and
    community lifestyles and thrives to make both accessible to
  • Annie Tseng - Webmaster and
    Graphic Designer

    Annie has always been interested in fine arts and is now
    pursuing media design in the biomedical and healthcare field.
    She strongly believes in making information on science and
    health accessible for everyone so she is very excited to be
    part of MMAC and helping to promote an active lifestyle.
  • Riccardo Zhai - Kid's
    Basketball Coach

    Riccardo is a Youth Basketball Coach for MMAC. Riccardo is
    currently studying Psychology at McGill, where he hopes to
    apply what he has learned during his studies towards better
    improving the skills of his basketball players.
  • Roger Lin - Club Play
    Manager (Winter and Spring)

    Roger is a third-year undergrad at McGill with a major in
    Chemical Engineering. Badminton has always been one of his
    favorite things to do outside of the classroom, and meeting
    new friends while playing badminton is just as fun as studying
    chemistry. Roger has a few hobbies, such as soccer, basketball,
    Chinese calligraphy, classical music and hiking. He hopes to
    see you around at club play which on the every weekend.
  • Jae Ho (Michael) Byun - Club Play
    Manager (Winter and Spring)

    Michael is a seasonal club play manager for the Mynix
    Badminton Club. He currently attends McGill University
    studying Microbiology, as an aspiring Medical Immunologist.
    He has acted as VP sponsorships for organizations such as
    JSA (Japanese student association) McGill and MISN (McGill
    International student network). Michael hopes to not only
    consistently explore opportunities in leadership and
    communicative skills, but also contribute growth and
    develop of his favorite sport badminton.