The Board

MMAC is organized by a management committee that oversees all programs. The committee is also in charge of hiring coaching staff, organizing volunteers and administration management. Those on the committee have specialized backgrounds in terms of business, sports, athletics and fitness.

  • George Wu - President

    As the VP of Public relations, George takes care of all the media
    related work. As an ex-Mars player, George was selected twice as
    NACBAIT tournament all-star. He was a member of the team on all
    three of Mars’ NACBA final appearances. Now retired from
    competitive basketball, George continues to contribute to the
    Montreal Chinese Basketball community off the court.
  • Frederic Lam - Vice President

    "After taking part in the North American Chinese Invitational
    Volleyball Tournament (NACIVT) in Las Vegas and seeing how
    beautiful a single sport could bring a community together,
    I knew I wanted to bring that aspect in every sport in Montreal."
    Fred joined MMAC in 2014 and was solely dedicated to
    giving back to a community where he benefited a lot from.
  • Rebecca Yuen – Treasurer

    Rebecca has been, for the past half decade, and continues to be the
    treasurer for the entire MMAC organization. Having majored in
    accounting, she is currently responsible for the club financials.
    Rebecca has been pivotal to ensure that MMAC maintains a healthy
    financial position throughout the years in order to facilitate
    efficient organization of events and allow MMAC to give back to
    the community.
  • Tony Wang - Mynix
    Badminton Director

    Tony is the founder and current director of the Mynix Badminton
    Club, a subsidiary of MMAC. His vision is to make badminton
    affordable and, accessible, popularizing it and engaging everyone
    to participating. To those ends the Mynix Badminton Club currently
    hosts annual open tournaments and weekly drop-in club play with
    simple and inexpensive rates. He hopes to, continue to expand both
    the Mynix Badminton Club as well as MMAC.
  • Allen Zhai - Basketball Head Coach

    Allen Zhai played collegiate basketball in Beijing in the 1980's
    and since 2005 has devoted his time, energy, and expertise into
    coaching and developing young basketball players of all ages
    and levels. As a Certified Level B Canadian Basketball Coach,
    Allen hasparticipated in courses and clinics organized by
    Basketball Quebec, Basketball Canada and NBA Canada.
    Including clinics held by NBA coach Stan Van Gundy, Coach
    of Canada Men's National Team Leo Rautins, and NBA player
    Joel Anthony. Allen has developed many players whom have
    become professional players, coaches or lifelong enthusiasts.
    The NDG Recreational League awarded Allen with Coach of The
    Year in 2016.
  • Casey Wu - Drop-In
    Basketball Coordinator

    Together with Richard Chin, Casey is one of the 2 founders of MMAC
    and is one of the original masterminds during the club incorporation
    in 2002. The name Mynix can be attributed to Casey, as it was the
    namesake for Richard’s company, which helped launching the club
    and financed teams to appeared at tournaments. In addition, Mynix,
    in Chinese, translates to “community of many but of one strength”,
    a mantra that Casey embodies in his attitude of teamwork overc-
    oming any obstacle and a vision of what he sees for future members.
    Casey was the organizer of the first ever North American Chinese
    Basketball Association Invitation (NACBA) tournament in 1988
    as well as the 2004 and 2015 NACBA tournaments in Montreal.
  • George Jiang - Former Webmaster

    Description currently unavailable.
  • Richard Chin - Board Member and
    Former President

    Description currently unavailable.
  • Tom Pang - Marketing and

    Tom has been involved with MMAC for almost 20 years. He is a
    team player and a trustworthy friend working to help build
    MMAC and benefit the community.
  • Tong Xu – Referee and Marketing

    Tong is one of the head referee and marketing executives at MMAC.
    He has hosted the 2016 MMAC Golf Tournament and continues to
    work tirelessly in promoting MMAC and basketball culture.